Cheerleading is a sport that requires a total mastery of gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and fitness. As your child participates in our programs, you will have the pleasure of watching your child learn how to work hard, build new relationships, achieve goals and accomplish things they never thought possible. Elite Cheer Michigan offers a wide array of options from
We are dedicated to providing the best experience for our athletes.


"Competitive" or "performance" cheerleading, is not like typical "school" or "professional" cheerleading. It is a team sport that combines gymnastics, stunting, acrobats, and dance into a synchronized high energy, high action choreographed routine. Teams are made up of athletes from all over the metro area. Each team competes in different divisions based on age and skill level. Elite Cheer Michigan offers teams from the ages of 2 years old adult teams. EVERYBODY MAKES A TEAM AT ELITE CHEER MICHIGAN!!
Competition cheerleading has become one of America's fastest growing sports and receives national TV coverage.
At Elite Cheer Michigan, we pride ourselves for being the BEST at what we do! Although our teams exhibit high levels of performance, previous experience is not necessary to become part of Elite. The skills our athletes exhibit, in large part, have been trained by Elite Cheer Michigan Staff.

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